Students Say…

YVote uses a youth-centered design process to develop programming and works to develop and strengthen youth leadership at every level.

Here are some of the ways YVoter described the YVote ChangeMakers Summer Institute in 2021:

  • “Overall, YVote was incredible this summer. I loved collaborating with my fellow YVoters and Peer Facilitators and seeing all of our progress play out in the workshop. It was such a comfortable space and everyone was so motivated to work their hardest, which was so inspiring.”
  • “I enjoyed learning information about important topics in racial justice, voting, gender justice, etc., and what I could do as a young individual to lead charge and improve some of the issues plaguing not only my country – but the world.”
  • “This summer has motivated me to learn so much more about politics and the issues we are facing. It has highlighted the things I don’t know and should learn, which is actually amazing. We acknowledged the things that are wrong and discussed and worked to make it right. I learned so much in just a few weeks which is amazing especially about topics and issues like these.”
  • “I would like to thank everyone at YVote for making this summer so memorable. This was my first time participating in a social justice/voting initiative and I am so glad I did it with YVote. I can’t wait to create more change with this program in the years to come!”
  • “I was really grateful to be in Yvote this summer! It taught me many different things I didn’t know previously as well as helping me improve my public speaking skills.”
  • “I loved the peer-to-peer workshops. I thought that they were helpful and it was nice to show off our hard work to others and get feedback on it. It also gave us a chance to look at others’ work and reflect on it.

Here’s how participants described YVote after participating in the program over the summer of 2018:

“YVote is a program that encourages our youth to vote and take action. You can meet new people and have fun while advocating for a right that you are passionate about.”–Elizabeth Lopez, Senior, Middle College High School

“YVote is a great place to start becoming civically engaged. It’s a place where you are free to explore what you’re passionate about in a warm and inviting space with warm and inviting people.”–Katrice Ramirez-Henry, Senior, Boerum Hill School For International Studies

“YVote is a collaboration of people on how to improve on current social issues by stressing the importance of voting.”–Adriana Gonzalez, Senior, Academy of American Studies

“YVote is a place to learn more things that impact the world.”–Karla Sterrett, Sophomore, Manhattan Village Academy

“YVote is a coalition of young activists dedicated towards the improvement and betterment of society!”–Adam Neville, Junior, Baruch College Campus High School

“YVote is is a great way to learn more about your rights as young voters. When you enter the space you will feel like your voice matters and it will influence you to vote when you are able to.”–Alliyah Logan, Junior, NYCiSchool

“YVote is place you can discuss your political opinions without being judged while learning how to make a change in your community.”–Assiata Sow, Junior, Manhattan Village Academy

“YVote is a youth activist forum where youth can connect on the same passion for issues and brainstorm with each other and adults on how to make our voices heard.”–Charlotte Hoogenboom, Abraham Lincoln High School YABC

“YVote is a place where what typically may seem as an adult topic/concern gets the attention of youths as well as our voices on it.”–Angie Grullon, Senior, Uncommon Charter High School

“YVote is a great community to discuss current events with people your age while also learning and hearing different perspectives. YVote also empowers one and educates one on voting which is something that is not taught in schools for the most part. I learned more about voting in YVote– from filling out a ballot to analyzing who votes– than I did in my entire high school career.”–Saskia Van Horn, Freshman, Queens College

Here are some testimonials to YVote:

“YVote has been incredibly influential for me over the past year. When I started YVote, I was so timid. I hadn’t really felt like I had the ability to change anything. I felt as though my thoughts weren’t important and I didn’t understand the impact I could have on others or the community. I’ve grown so much and met people who have changed what I think about the world, the future, and myself.

YVote was my introduction to careers that weren’t generic. Previously I had been making plans to become a teacher or a nurse, but being involved in this organization introduced me to the enormous variety of careers and jobs that are accessible. I still don’t know what I want to do exactly, but YVote has given me some direction. I wouldn’t have known that I had the skill set to facilitate, without the opportunity to do so, and it’s something I think I’m pretty good at.”–Destiny Davis, Senior, Brooklyn Tech High School, 2018

“I had an amazing time in YVote over the summer and am glad I got to experience this and have the opportunity to continue this fall… I feel like I have more exposure to ways to advocate for change and can reach higher opportunities with a touch of fun.”—Elizabeth Lopez, Middle College High School, 2018