Who We Are: YVote 2020

Meet the Incoming YVoters of our #2020VisionforChange Summer:

Abeer Saed
The Young Women's Leadership School of East Harlem
"I am applying to participate in YVote because I believe that this is an amazing opportunity for me to make connections with new people from many unique backgrounds. This is also a great way I could expand my leadership skills while also using the skills and knowledge I already have."
Adriana Grullon
KAPPA International
"I would describe myself as a change-maker because when I am not happy with certain things I speak up and explain my reasons to try and change it."
Aisha Rabbani
Business Technical Early College High School
"I would love to vote to do my part in choosing the right people for us. I may not be able to literally make a difference but i know my vote will surely affect the system. I want to do anything I can to make a difference and voting will help me make a difference."
Akeelah Harget Baldwin
Brooklyn Collaborative Studies
"I will vote because i want to feel safe and electing the right people will probably be the best way to do so, and the more voices we have, the more we will have a equality we've been fighting for."
Alexa Quitian
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
"I am aware that our society is experiencing a revolution in its behavior and perspective. As a teen I feel it is my duty to be a part of this new world and support my community in understanding and participating in this new change."
Alexandra Tlger
Millennium High School
" I think that voting is a responsibility and never to be taken lightly. After I turn 18, I will absolutely vote since I believe this is the most effective way to initiate change in leadership and policy. "
Amina Castronovo
The Beacon School
"Of course I will vote! ... Voting rights are one of the ways that institutionalized racism, can continue to oppress people of color. For this reason, a lot of people of color aren’t represented, which I think is fundamentally and morally unjust. I want to help change that."
Aminata (Ami) Dosso
Landmark High School
"I want to make change, I'm tired of complaining all the the time and I want to finally take some action. I really like that YVote is giving the younger people a voice."
Amir Saleem
School of the Future
"I'm interested in the voting aspect of this initiative because I do not have a deep understanding on the process of voting and I am curious to find out how other students my age who cannot vote will be able to encourage those who can to participate."
Ana Grabiela Serrano Alvarado
International High School at Prospect Heights
"I believe that there are obstacles that prohibit minorities from making our voices heard through voting. In the future, I plan to vote and help immigrants and other groups of minorities that have the same beliefs as I am an ideal representative. "
Angelina Bland
The Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice
"I believe that voting is very impactful on the way our country is run and how we work together as a country."
Anna Dor
Leaders High School
"I am applying to to participate in YVote because I am a very justice-oriented person. I have always loved helping people, and especially the people in my community, in any way that I can."
Anna Polova
Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy
"I feel that voting is very important and that the younger generation should participate in it more than they do. It always confused me why opinionated young people would refuse to vote in elections and would choose to stay silent when the simple act of voting influences their future the most."
Anniyah Beverly
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"I anticipate voting after I turn 18 years old. I believe that voting gives people a chance at having their voice heard and understanding who is running our country. Voting is very important especially for my generation in order to change the world and have people that represent our interests."
Anthony P. Vidals
Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and the Arts
"I would describe myself as a change-maker because as an open gay teen the process to come out to the world was not easy for me for many reasons... There is so much discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ Community and there needs to be changes made within laws to protect us."
Anthony Sanchez
Benjamin Banneker Academy
"Voting is very important and not taking full advantage of our rights living in the United States takes away our freedom. We need a very able political candidate that truly presents us and has good intentions."
Athena Kotsopriftis
School of the Future
"This initiated my interest in YVote, because I want to take more steps in becoming more independent, and develop confidence in myself and my ideas. Leadership can seem daunting to me at times, but I definitely look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone!"
Autumn Swartz
Staten Island Technical High School
"Politics plays a large role in many peoples' lives, and voting allows people to take some form of control over their family's and their country's futures. I do anticipate voting after I turn 18 because I'll be able to voice my opinion through the ballot box, and may possibly be a small part of a big change. "
Benjamin Goroshnik
Staten Island Technical High School
"I believe that voting is the most patriotic thing in American can do. America was built on the grounds that citizens would be able to elect for office whomever they want, and that's why I believe it's important for us to carry this on today, even in these difficult times."
Bethany Biney
Hillcrest High School
"I am applying for YVote because I feel as though in today's society there are so many issues that affect even the youth. While some may see these issues with no opinion, I see these issues as problems that I want to help solve. I am interested in making a change and being able to know that I am a part of something bigger than myself."
Bianca Peterkin
Bronx Early College Academy For Teaching and Learning
"I feel like everyone should vote. Voting to me is very important even though I can't vote yet because that is where we get our voice in. The people we are voting are going to be making changes to our everyday lives, so we get to chose who we believe fits right for our wants. I do anticipate voting after I turn 18 because I want to have a say in my life."
Braneyda Pierre
Humanities and the Arts High School
"Yes, I do anticipate voting after I turn 18 because as an African American female I want to exercise my rights. Also voting is a way for us as citizens to make a difference in our communities. It is important to elect the right officials that plan to make a change for the better."
Britney Castillo
Williamsburg Charter High School
"In my opinion, I think voting is something everyone should do. Doesn’t matter if they’re 18 or 80, we all need to vote because every vote matters. I will be voting when I turn 18 because I have been wanting to vote ever since I was 13. "
Chelsea Dennis
East Side Community Middle School
"I am applying to participate in YVote because I feel like there are lots of issues in our society that need to be worked on and made better to make the world a better place and I think that starting with programs like this is definitely a good start and good for the community. "
Chikodinaka (Kodi) Ejiogu
High School for Community Leadership
"I would describe myself as a change-maker because I am a go-getter, meaning that if I want something done, I will work as hard as I can to achieve it, and I know how to formally articulate my thoughts, ideas, and concerns."
Christopher Bowen
Food and Finance High School
“I personally think voting is sooo important especially with the world we live in! As a black male who lives in America I would be devastated if someone is elected and they want to pass policies that want to marginalize people of color, the LGBTQ community, women and even immigrants.”
Claire Stokes
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"2020 is a big election year. I won't be 18, but I want to help in every single way possible because the past four years have been scary and have created what I feel to be an unstable environment in our country."
Daniela Suarez
Ralph R McKee Technical High School
"I feel that voting is an opportunity &’ feel eager to vote. My family is not able to do so &’ when I turn 18, I will be fortunate enough to be a voice for my family when I vote."
Daniil Tagaev
Brooklyn Studio
"I’m extremely passionate about politics and I want to be able to spread that passion to other youth. I am so tired of my friends and classmates saying that they don’t care about politics or voting. This upcoming election might be the most important and influential election of our lifetime and I want to be able to have some effect on its outcome."
Danika Murphy
Excelsior Preparatory High School
"I feel like voting is a big part of how society is run, and by choosing leaders, we as a democratic republic country can make sure we can put the right people in office."
Delilah Shapiro
Bard High School Early College Manhattan
"My hope is that our country and our generation empower many more people to feel that their voice is important, and, by culturally and legally building this precedent, create a country where everyone’s voice is recognized."
Derek Dong
Staten Island Technical High School
"The issues that interest me the most are immigration, gender justice, and racial justice. As someone who comes from an immigrant family and is a person of color, immigration, and racial justice have always been issues that not only interest me but also have a personal connection with myself. "
Devin Wu
Townsend Harris High School
"I want to take part in the election process, and help elect politicians that I know will advocate for my issues, and bring change to my community. Voting gives me the chance to be apart of a democracy, where every voice and opinion is heard."
Elle McEnroe
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
“Racial justice interests me, especially since the pandemic has had a greater effect on minority groups. Income equality is an interest because we are now experiencing in this country a level of economic disparity not seen for a hundred years.”
Ellis Krusch
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"Voting is definitely something I would consider myself a changemaker for since the number of young voters is very low. I think one big way to get more young people to vote is by making information available to them about voting."
Emily Zas
The Beacon School
"Voting can only work if you vote, which seems simple enough but ignorance of the political process is prevalent in our country. I hope to raise awareness for the importance of voting with YVote!"
Erdis Brahimi
Aviation High School
"I believe that just like all other people, police officers need to be held accountable for irresponsible behavior. I also believe that these things can be changed by holding the right people accountable and by voting for the right officials to represent us."
Eunice Lee
Townsend Harris High School
"Although I cannot vote at the moment, I still encourage those around me that can vote to do so, and bring awareness of issues to help them make an educated vote."
Fatoumata Magassouba
Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and the Arts
"I am applying to participate in YVote because I feel that it is time for the youth under 18 to be allowed to have a voice in our society, not all of us are the same and are not interested in these types of things and I feel like society has put us all in a category."
Fatoumatta Sowe
N.Y.C Museum School
"I strongly believe in a voting system. I can not wait to vote, I have such high hopes for this generation of youth. I really do anticipate a major change in the next couple of years or so. "
Fitjaelle SaintJean
Clara Barton High School
"I am applying to vote because for the first time it gives minorities a chance to support and engage themselves for a good cause. What interests me is that I will be able to discuss with others the ideas that we might have and also get to pre register to vote for the first time."
Gabriel Knight
George Westinghouse High School
"I am applying to YVote so that I can be a positive influence to other children my age. Many children have amazing ideas and are not motivated enough to actually take action. This is because they do not see children their own age and or skin color making a change in their community. I would like to be the change I want to see."
Genesis Peralta
KAPPA International
"I will be voting after I turn 18 because voting is a way that I can control who I want to represent me and my community and I feel like underrepresented communities of color need as many votes as possible to advocate for resources we need."
Giorgia Musselwhite
Staten Island Technical High School
"I 100% plan to exercise this right after I turn 18 because even though my vote will be one among millions, I feel responsible for supporting and voting for the candidates I think will be the best choice for my city or country."
Hannah Palmer
Leaders High School
"Being a Hispanic female, I feel as though voting is very important due to the fact Hispanics and people of color have fought so hard to have their voices heard and it is important for us, the next generation, to continue to voice our opinions. We live in a world where racism still exists. "
Helen Chen
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies
"Voting is the way we participate in politics. It’s the way we make our concerns a priority for politicians, to let them know that we matter, and our opinions have power through our vote."
Isabella Bekanich
School of the Future
"I definitely anticipate voting when I reach 18. Even if it is only a small impact, voting is how you make a mass change and show politicians what you want."
Isaiah Taylor
Benjamin Franklin Highschool for Finance and IT
"I believe that it is of utmost importance for Americans to exercise their fundamental rights granted so by the democracy installed in our Bureaucracy. It truly saddens me that the Youth of our nation refuse to exercise the constitution given right to vote."
Janai Collins
Achievement First Brooklyn High School
"I feel like voting can make a big impact if we get enough people to vote for the right thing and if we give a strong reason why they should vote for a certain person."
Jessie Fairbanks
Talent Unlimited High School
"I am applying to participate in YVote because our social and political climate is in a horrible state that is scary for the majority of people. I want to use my white privilege to protect and speak for those who the government does not listen to."
Jocelyn Bryant
Special Music School High School
"We are such a large and extremely diverse group and have all the resources we need to be educated voters. The youth vote can actually sway the election, so if we all voted we could be very politically powerful and vote someone into office who would create the change we are looking for. "
Jocelyn Sanchez
Bronx Early College Academy For Teaching and Learning
"I am participating in YVote because I want to change the community and make a movement for our country for us to get a brighter future. My interest in the initiative is so that I can speak up and not be scared to do what I’m doing. "
Kaelah Blades
Brooklyn Collaborative Studies
"I consider myself a Black Lives Matter activist because, given the current situation occurring in the U.S, racist police officers are targeting innocent black men and women. This is the world I’m living in and if I don’t speak up about it and attend protests with my BLM allies, along with the other youth experiencing the same problem, there will be no change. "
Kamoya Major
Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School
"Yes, I do anticipate voting because you have the opportunity to vote for something to better the country in any way possible, and it's basically your way of voicing your opinion on what's better for your country."
Kareem Stone
Clara Barton High School
"I think voting is very important especially for minorities. Voting can be the make or the break of a country depending on who is elected."
Kareena Singh
Hillcrest High School
"I feel that everyone should vote, being able to make a decision that impacts your community including schools and libraries should be a priority especially if you feel that change should be made and choosing a leader that will not hinder but in fact guide and support a growing community."
Kat Birgisson
Brooklyn Technical High School
"Voting is incredibly important in instilling local and federal change, and I want to vote when I’m 18 so I can utilize my privilege and voice to help make America better for all citizens."
Katherine Ivette Pena
All City Leadership Secondary School
"I’m applying to participate in YVote because a young female from an underrepresented background, I feel that it is our duty to not only educate and spread awareness to the injustices and corruption within my community but to expand it beyond our community to other people."
Kayla Dike
The Young Women's Leadership of Queens
"I definitely will be voting after 18- because in the 2016 election so many valuable votes were lost because thousands of people though “my vote isn’t going to change anything”. Whether it be the presidential election or small local elections votes matter because you want the person who is going to do the most for you to be in office."
Kayla Kadlubowski
The Beacon School
"I do anticipate on voting after I turn 18 because I believe that the younger population has to have their voices heard too because it is our future and we should have more of a say in it."
Kekeli Amekudzi
Brooklyn Technical High School
"I anticipate voting because it’s one of the tools I have to make my opinions heard."
Kellen Zeng
Staten Island Technical High School
"Personally, I think voting is one of the best and most effective ways to be engaged in the community and take on a role in bringing about the changes that you want to see."
Kenisha Mahajan
Stuyvesant High School
"What immediately interested me about the YVote program was the emphasis on diversity and activism. I feel that those elements are not nearly as present in my school community as they should be."
Kerryn Blades
Science, Technology, and Research Early College High school at Erasmus
"I am interested in learning more by engaging in deep discussions about how to make a difference in this world."
Keyla Medina
Special Music School High School
"I believe that YVote has a very important mission for our city to engage in which can support us on creating a unified community of advocates who share the same passions and visions for our future."
Kiara Espinal
The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn
"I am passionate about many issues, but I am most interested in wanting to help black trans youth. They are murdered at a much higher rate and they need to be fought for."
Kiara Green
Achievement First Brooklyn High School
“My feeling towards voting is that I might vote but do I believe it will really be heard? no, because many people didn't pick Trump as President but he ended up being our president.”
Kristy Lee
Staten Island Technical High School
"I strongly believe in teenagers being involved in politics. We are going to be future leaders and we need to understand the circumstances behind our political situations and climates. Voting will drastically affect our future, and getting young people around the world involved will shift our political climate into one that readily accepts new ideas and mindsets."
Kurt Jacob
Clara Barton High School
“I think that minorities are sometimes overlooked in the voting process and this will be a way for me to support the fact that minorities should have a right to vote and should be heard in their votes.”
Lauren Weisberg
Port Richmond High School
"I think voting is a concrete way to advocate for change and influence society. Anyone who votes can consider themselves an activist because they are trying to inspire change. As soon as I turn 18, I am going to vote because I believe that voting gives you a voice in politics and that my message is worth hearing."
Lily Echeverria
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"Nothing will stop me from going to the polls when I turn 18. Voting is crucial to our nation because having a voice is one of the greatest things you can have. I am thankful nearly every day to live in a country in which democracy is in place, and people get to have a say about the person they want in office and the issues they want to see discussed."
Litzy Estrada
Hillcrest High School
"I feel that voting will not only give people a say but also make them feel that their thoughts and opinions do count and are valued."
Madeline Mayes
Fort Hamilton High School
"I have been dreaming of the day I become old enough to vote since 2015. After the election of 2016, I really came to realize the importance of every vote. It’s like having an empty jar to fill with pennies. Each penny might seem small, but once the jar of full, one would have quite a few dollars."
Madina Amber
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"Voting is a very powerful tool that is unknown to most people. It impacts the leaders we elect and the electoral college, for example, which determines the next president of the United States. Those who have the power to vote should actively be engaged in speaking out on topics that are impacting them and their communities."
Maisha Chowdury
John Bowne High School
"There are so many things going in this world especially during this time which should be discussed. I want to meet more people to hear their opinions and talk about it."
Maisha Rahman
Townsend Harris High School
I do not believe there should be an electoral college. If this is a nation for the people, by the people, then why put the nation in the hands of say 50 people? Most elections are going off of electoral votes and not the popular votes, which shows that they are dismaying the opinions of the people who make up this very nation."
Maria Ruiz
Thomas A. Edison High School
"I want to educate myself on different ideas and points of view. I think it’s really interesting and amazing that we are being given a place and time to talk about political and social issues. Especially being so young, we are often told that we are too young to get involved."
Marielle Mier
Talent Unlimited High School
"My generation is the future, we are currently at a moment in time where we need young people like me who are willing to advocate for what is right. I really want to do whatever I can to make a difference in our neighborhoods, community, society, city, state, country, and eventually reach the world."
Marwa Ellis
Boerum Hill School for International Studies
"I feel like voting and getting my opinion and voice out there is a great way to represent those around me who cant. I want to represent those who aren't spoken for and I want to make sure that their voices are also being heard."
Mia Payne
Talent Unlimited High School
"Every election millions of American citizens don’t vote. This lack of action is detrimental to all communities but especially communities of color. If we do not vote than we have no voice and without a voice, we are letting politicians we know nothing about taking control of our lives."
Michelle Del Villar
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"I feel voting is a responsibility that every citizen should account for. I recently moved to the United States, so I still can't vote, but this made me realize how important it is for other people to vote. Ironically, by not being able to vote I feel the need to encourage others to be aware of how essential and impactful it could be."
Michelle Maniyeva
Hillcrest High School
“You only have one life. You can either live a normal life like most people or you can go out and change the world for a better one. It all starts with you.”
Milena Veliz
Aviation High School
"Yes, I anticipate voting after turning 18 because I believe that if we don't vote, it's like silencing our own voices and letting others suppress us. Voting is an essential right that should be valued because minorities fought for their rights in the 1900s and it's not something that we should take for granted because it's like taking those minorities' efforts for granted."
Munaja Mehzabin
Academy of American Studies
"I will 100% vote when I turn 18. Having a leader who is a rapist, pedophile, and altogether bad leader - I'm sick of it. I believe many things would be better if Trump wasn't president. I want to vote and keep telling people to vote so we don't repeat history."
Nafisa Anzoom
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"I want to be someone that inspires a person to an extent to make them believe that they have a right to take a stand to make a problem go away instead of just following the rules given to them."
Natalie Wicik
High School for Health Professions and Human Services
"I feel that at the age of 16 and 17 people should be able to start voting. That is the age most are eligible to work so why not give them the right to vote and give them a voice?"
Nataniela Zavlun
Townsend Harris High School
"I think voting is an essential part of democracy and the American dream. Voting gives us the power to have a say in our government and the policies that go into effect, but just as importantly, it encourages the American public to stay informed about politics and form well-researched opinions about our country and the world around us. "
Nathaniel Kennedy
Brooklyn Technical High School
"I would describe myself as an activist because I try to convince people to change their opinions and to make informed decisions about politics and related matters."
Nerissa Hilairemont
George Westinghouse High School
"My feelings about voting is that people don't do it enough. I do plan on anticipating voting after I turn 18 because more voices need to be heard to help our society/economy."
Oluwatosin Daniel Esan
Excelsior Preparatory High School
“I am interested in participating in the YVote program because I have always been intrigued about the idea of voting at a young age and why the voice of the youth should matter in the Electoral/Voting system being that it is a 'Democracy as we call it.”
Özge Asan
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"I believe that voting is a fundamental right that we should take advantage of because if we don't, that's one way we lose an opportunity to have our voices heard. I cannot wait until I turn eighteen so I can vote because I want to be politically active."
Qadira Moore
The Brooklyn Latin School
"I will miss this upcoming election because of my age. By the time I can vote we will be in the middle of the next presidency. I am however excited to vote locally when I'm 18."
Rami Sigal
The Clinton School
"I am 16 years old and I am proudly preregistered to vote. I want to vote for leaders who will represent my interests. Using materials from The Southern Poverty Law Center, I have encouraged peers to register to vote during Civics Week and voting drives."
Rayna Auerbach
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"I think that YVote is an amazing opportunity to learn more about voting rights in our country, and spread the word on how important it is to speak up and let our voices be heard."
Rehana Rahaman
Bronx Lab High School
"I'm applying to participate in this program because it gives an opportunity to fight for our community and to show our activist skills. This is interesting because we practice from a young age to fight for what's right for us as young people and a way of making our society better for everyone."
Renee Mendonca
Susan B Wagner HS
Rhea Mendonca
Susan B Wagner HS
Rohit Poolust
Townsend Harris High School
"Yes, I will vote once I turn 18 because I believe everyone should experience the voting experience. In addition, I believe that one must know what they are doing with the ballot, so getting correct and unbiased info to the community is essential for the well being and prosperity of our country."
Roselyn DuMerville
George Westinghouse High School
"I want to participate because I have always wanted to get involved with my community, I just never knew how. This initiative is teaching young people like me to get involved in our community through voting and exploring issues both political and societal. Also, this initiative can help me get out of my shell and express myself more."
Sadiyah Rohoman
Bronx Early College Academy For Teaching and Learning
"After turning 18, I do anticipate voting. I feel like the new generation needs to voice their opinions, no matter what. Voting allows everyone to feel heard, and allows everyone to participate in getting they change they want to see. Due to recent elections, I can see why people might have lost faith, but I do think the only way to change that is by numbers."
Samira Moore
Bard High School Early College Manhattan
"I think that voting is very important because everyone has a responsibility to making changes in their society and by not voting we won't be able to contribute to future changes. The changes we make now will change the future. I want to vote at 18 because I want to take on this responsibility right away."
Sanai Harris
Fort Hamilton High School
"Growing up I found that history was not my favorite subject. I was uninterested in learning about pioneers and their long voyage to the New World. When I got to high school that all changed as pioneer stories turned into ones of genocide and horrors I pray I’d never have to see in real life."
Shahribonu Azamatova
James Madison High School
"I support voting and truly believe every vote can result in a huge change. Furthermore, I believe everyone should have the right to vote. It should not matter if they are a citizen permanent resident. If a person plans on living in the country for a long period of time, they must have the right to vote."
Shakina Williams
Brooklyn Technical High School
“The topic of youth engagement in voting is incredibly important seeing as right now I know many young people who think their votes don't matter so they decide to not vote but this initiative allows me to gain the information and means to communicate an honest message about voting to my peers and to inform them about the reality of the situation we are living in.”
Sharon Zheng
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies
"I’m applying to participate because I believe that if young people have the right to vote for what’s right, they should take that stance and do so. We’re capable to make such big changes in our country and yet we failed to do so since the country has turned chaotic with a president who's unable to handle these matters effectively."
Steffina Howell
Clara Barton High School
"Voting is the public's right to representing and entrusting a person to lead with their best interest at heart, I believe that it is our responsibility to vote for the people that can improve society with still listen to the people who gave them the chance to improve our society."
Tali V Lebowitsch
The Beacon School
"I definitely see myself voting as soon as I turn 18 because as a citizen I want to ensure my voice is represented and that I advocate for causes that I find important. In all honesty, it baffles me that people who have the option to vote to choose not to."
Tehreem Saleem
Baruch College Campus High School
"I don't think the Black community specifically owes their vote to anyone. The system has done nothing but fails them constantly and I've become to understand people's perspective on why they don't want to vote this election to dismantle the system."
Tiffany Zheng
Millennium High School
"I want to be apart of the change that happens to the country that I live in. Not only do these changes affect me and my generation but future generations as well. Additionally, I believe that there is much to reform, such as police brutality, equality, climate change laws, immigration, etc. This said, these changes start with us. "
Trishelle Chandler
Bronx Collaborative High School
"Since I’m about to be 18 I really want to be educated on how politics and the government work. I want to see how I can make democracy better for every minority."
Victoria Ringston
Science Skills Center High School
"I can't wait to vote, and I'm glad that I was able to pre-register at school a few months ago. I am disappointed that I won't be able to vote in the 2020 presidential election because I really wanted to be part of the movement that gets Bernie Sanders in office."
Wania Hermanstyne
Townsend Harris High School
"I would not describe myself as an activist/changemaker to be honest because there have been many situations especially in my school that I have kept quiet about. I want to change that because many of the issues that affect me should have my complete focus and not my silence."
Wissal Hajazehaf
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"I think that voting is very important. When I was younger I remember telling my parents that they should vote for me since I couldn't, but they are immigrants so they couldn't. It is one of the ways your voice can be heard within the government. I will definitely be voting once I turn 18, and not just for the President but for many other government officials as well."
Yamile Cruz
Urban Assembly School For Criminal Justice
"I intend to vote after I turn 18. Voting is a right that women had to fight for beginning with the Seneca fall convention to 1920 when the 19th amendment was finally passed. Over 100 years had passed before women were recognized as part of 'We the people'!"
Yesenia Ortega
Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and the Arts
"I am applying because it seemed interesting how this program is uniting students who have a passion for communicating about different issues in society and having the initiative to create positive change throughout their communities. I am also interested that YVote is asking for young students instead of older students."
Yulduz Mardonova
Leaders High School
"I would describe myself as an activist because when I explore issues that I'm passionate about, I tend to share with my peers to also keep them informed on important issues we should focus on as a whole. I use the platforms I have to shed light on issues whether using Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok, where people can easily gain important information."
Yuleimy Rosas Garcia
Fort Hamilton High School
"I really enjoy the idea that I could make a difference being part of this summer's program. I believe there are many injustices in politics and in society that must be changed. YVote has also taught me many things."
Zhen Ning Deng
Baruch College Campus High School
"Racial injustice interest me a lot because as an Asian American myself, I have been subjected to discrimination, racism, racial profiling, and stereotype in the American school system. Like many Asian Americans, I have been seen as a perpetual foreigner, regardless of my relationship to the country I am in."