Vote = Voice

Voice = Vote

Young people today have VERY strong thoughts and feelings about the state of our country, the impact voting can have on shaping better realities, and the role they can play.

Check out our video to see YVote youth in action and get a feel for what we’re doing and where we’re heading.

Or check out this video, made by #WeAreAll18’s Francesca Giovannetti, from our YVote Youth Town Hall with elected officials in late May.

Hungry for more? Check out some of the youth video addresses made at our State of the YOUnion Teen Action Party:

Alissa Vargas, Senior at Harvest Collegiate High School:

Genesis Logan, Junior at Boerum Hill School for International Studies:

Pamela Williamson, Junior at nycISchool:

Yolanda Nelson, Senior at Belmont Prep Academy public school:

Katrice Ramirez, Junior at Boerum Hill School for International Studies:

Brianna Robeck and Yessii Burgos, Juniors at nycISchool:

Sophia Fiallo, Freshman at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria:

And, movingly, an undocumented YVoter:

Young people also produced brief video testimonials through our State of the YOUnion initiative in January:

Harold Miller, Junior at the Academy of Young Writers:

Divine Ndombo, Senior at Beacon High School:

Andre Eisenberg, Junior at NYCiSchool:

Aicha Cherif, Junior at School of the Future, on Twitter here

Want more? How about some of the 30 second PSAs YVote youth have produced:

Stay tuned for more–we’re just getting started…